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F3 has been in helping people reach their goals since January of 2010. We’re an MMA gym in North Richland Hills that becomes a second home and family to those on a journey to become the best version of themselves. We help everyone, of all ages and levels, reach their goals and fitness or fight potential and gain confidence in self-defense technique through combat sports and martial arts. We achieve this through having the best coaches in the game that have put their methods to the test at the highest levels, both personally as active fighters and through the many high level competitors and fighters they’ve developed over the years. Our team’s dynamic, combined experience, and unmatched passion for combat sports and fitness has cultivated a culture of care in which we always keep our “why” -which is to help people- at the core of what we do.


Marina Martinez
Marina MartinezGeneral Manager

Marina’s always loved sports, but after a Marine Corps injury she gained a new perspective & renewed love of fitness. Beginning as a part-time counselor sharing her passion to help others start their journey, she eventually shifted from event coordination to focus on the fitness industry.

In the past 10 years, she’s been a part of 24 Hour Fitness, Life Time Fitness, acquired personal training certifications, and held management positions in Sales, Retention, Operations, Business, and Business Consulting. An avid F3 gym member for 2+ years, it was already her second home, and a place she was fully invested in seeing succeed. In August 2018, she became part of the F3 Team as GM. She loves the relationships built as a member, and now in her role in the business, and aims to maintain a customer-centric experience for the F3 family. Initially seeking stress relief, with a genuine interest in boxing, Marina stayed for the quality of coaching and culture of constant growth embraced at F3. Marina does Private Training with Rafael, enjoys regular Massage Therapy, & her days always include Bang energy drinks & Fit.Meals.Prep organic meals!

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“Brutal” Johnny Bedford
“Brutal” Johnny BedfordHead Coach/Pro Fighter

Though competing professionally as a Freestyle Fighter, Johnny grew up wrestling in Ohio and was a Division I wrestler at Cleveland State University. Johnny competed on TV reality show “The Ultimate Fighter” in Season 14.

He’s fought for Bellator, Legacy Fighting Alliance, and at the highest level of the sport- the UFC! Brutal Johnny Bedford’s MMA fights total over 50, and he’s currently active in Bare Knuckle Boxing. Throughout his career, Johnny continued his own self-improvement, earning his Black Belt in BJJ and mastering striking styles, but he feels his true calling and biggest passion is coaching and creating the new generation of fighters. This shows in the growing, highly-talented Fight Team, some having started as kids! Johnny loves that F3 is more than just a gym; it houses the goals and achievements of all its members, whether it’s living a longer, healthier life or becoming a World Champion, and this is what fuels Johnny daily. Johnny teaches morning Boxing Fit classes, BJJ, Muay Thai, and offers Private Training in any discipline/sport. Johnny loves Fit.Meals.Prep to help in training for a fight.

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Evan Cutts
Evan CuttsCoach/Pro Fighter

Evan started training in Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Mixed Martial Arts in 2007 and began competing a year later. He’s since fought on national television numerous times, including on FightMaster: Bellator MMA.

It was there that “The Butcher” faced his biggest challenge- 3 fights in 21 days, which isn’t normal for high-level MMA. He lost the decision in the third fight and was injured, needing surgery. After a year and a half lay-off, and a hard lesson in humility and patience, Evan returned to doing what he loves, wearing his scars with pride. What he loves most about F3, aside from the great people he has the privilege of coaching, is that the coaches are not just sitting on the sidelines, but also active competitors, leading from the trenches- himself included. Understanding the practicality of combat sports to building useful self-defense, peak physical fitness, and character that transcends sport, he always brings his best to every class. He teaches Boxing, Kickboxing, and MMA Fit, BJJ, and Private Training. Between classes you’ll catch him Bang energy drink in hand and F3 hat on his head!

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Rafael Casias
Rafael CasiasBoxing Coach

Since 2007, Rafael has had 13 professional fights and trained under some of the best boxing coaches in the DFW area. Rafael coached several Golden Gloves champions to victory and continues to coach competitive boxers as well as MMA fighters, amateur through high-level professionals, in their striking/stand-up game.

Rafael’s biggest points of pride in life are him personally running a half marathon, coaching Brutal Johnny Bedford in The Ultimate Fighter and UFC, plus the many coaching victories they’ve shared together, training and cornering their Fight Team. Rafael’s extensive knowledge of the sport of boxing and his ability to adapt to all ages, experience, and fitness levels show when he pours himself into his classes & private sessions and through results attained by students training with him. Seeing his students achieve even the most challenging personal fitness and boxing goals and grow in the sport is what is most rewarding and exciting for him. Rafael coaches Boxing Fit, Kids Boxing, Youth Boxing and Adult Boxing classes, as well as offering Private Training. He’s all about Fit.Meals.Prep, his F3 engraved IceShaker, and Casias Boxing apparel!

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Angela Allen
Angela AllenLicensed Massage Therapist

By nature, Angela’s always been a nurturer, with a love of helping people. After serving honorably in the Marine Corps as IT and confirming her passion was people, not computers, her love of learning and interest in physiology and anatomy led her to Massage Therapy school in 2010.

Upon having her world opened to a new approach to pain management, muscle issues, and stress relief, Angela was immediately hooked. Since becoming licensed in 2011, she’s worked mostly independently, but also for spas and corporations, joining the F3 Team in August 2018. Angela loves the sense of family and inclusion that has become the identifying culture of F3’s gym. Regardless of starting point, goals, or background, everyone is welcomed and their journey genuinely celebrated. She finds that positive energy in classes and interactions at F3 contagious! Angela’s favorite thing about her role is when members come in with an ailment, pain, or other issue and she helps them find relief and leave pain-free! Angela skillfully customizes massages to individualized needs incorporating Swedish massage, deep tissue, trigger point, and sports massage modalities. Angela’s children enjoy boxing & BJJ classes.

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David Delware
David DelwareCoach

David was introduced to the world of boxing by his father at the young age of 2. For 15 years his father owned a boxing gym in Austin, Texas, so it was a big part of David’s childhood and upbringing.

He has since stayed involved in teaching and training in boxing, even winning Golden Gloves in 2010. For the last 6 years, David has been coaching boxing classes, as well as having been a Personal Trainer for Anytime Fitness for 2 years. He loves working with his classes to improve their skills and self-confidence, as well as reach their fitness goals, finding this to be the most rewarding part of his role as an F3 coach. He is part of the culture of family that F3 is known for, truly caring about getting the absolute best out of fighters and members in his classes. David teaches Monday & Wednesday Strength & Conditioning classes at 6pm, followed by bag classes at 7pm, most often in his favorite F3 swag which has become part of his signature look- the black and gray snapback cap!

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