“So glad I found Fitness Fight Factory! These coaches and staff are amazing! Started 8 months ago after not working out for many years and at 50+ years of age, this was scary! These coaches have made me feel so great, with never anything but kindness and encouragement to push for one more punch or step or kick. They truly make you feel like family. The Massage Therapy is the perfect recovery! And the meal prep sure helps on those busy nights! THANK YOU F3! ”
– Lisa Aubry (Fit-to-Fight Classes, Massage Therapy, Private Training, Meal Prep)

post2 “Fitness Fight Factory is not just a gym, it’s a Family! My family has been a part of F3 for over 3 years and I cannot say enough great things about it! Whether we are doing the Boxing classes, Jiu Jitsu, or Private Sessions, we are always learning new and better techniques. The coaches Johnny, Evan, and Rafael are amazing people to work with and all have a unique way of pushing you to reach your goals while having fun doing it. Each class is challenging in different ways so you never get bored with the same workout and it keeps you wanting more. This is all evident in many of the long standing members/friends we’ve made through the years. F3 is definitely a gym you want to be a part of!”
– Amber Flanigan (Champ Family Membership, Private Training, Massage Therapy)

post2 “Private Training has made all the difference in taking my boxing training to the next level. I don’t have to worry about wasting time working drills on the things I already know. My trainer is able to analyze my strengths and weaknesses and focus on what I need to become a better boxer. Attention to detail and ability to explain concepts and drills in an easy to understand manner has allowed me to progress faster than I thought possible. It is something you can’t get just watching videos on YouTube and Instagram; it’s hands-on, real-time feedback and training. On top of all this, encouragement and motivation to help you push yourself and maximize each training session to ensure you are getting the most out of it both physically and mentally. ”
– Adam Luck (Contender Membership, Private Training)

post2 “I have been training with Rafael Casias for over a decade. His enthusiasm is contagious. His knowledge of the sport of boxing ranks up there with the best trainers in the game. If you’re wanting a great workout, to learn the craft of boxing, and to become part of a unique fellowship, I highly recommend Rafael Casias at Fitness Fight Factory.”
– Felipe Garcia Jr (Private Training)

post2 “I’ve been training with Rafael Casias for almost 2 years. He is extremely knowledgeable about boxing itself, as well as effective training techniques. I am not at all athletically inclined and tend to get discouraged quickly, but Rafael has kept me going longer than any coach in any sport or martial art I’ve tried. His sessions are focused and challenging, yet you can’t help but enjoy them. He recognizes your strengths/limitations and adapts your training. He gets just as excited as I do when I get something right, and that is the mark of a great coach. You can’t go wrong with this guy! Just look at the records of his active fighters! ”
– Brian Dunn

post2 “I cannot explain the gratitude I have for F3! We wanted to put our son in something to keep him busy after school. We read what Fitness Fight Factory was about, gave it a shot, and now Julian loves his F3 family & coaches! He’s made close friends because of the great environment F3 provides. All of the F3 family is amazing! No doubt, F3 has helped built my son’s confidence, self-esteem, but also helped him set goals for himself at just 5 yrs old! He strives for more and his goal right now is to get a gold medal in BJJ. He wants to do better each & every day! F3’s made a huge impact in our family. I’m glad we made the decision to join! It’s not just a gym; it’s our second home now.”
– Jazmin Alfaro (Son: Julian, Little Champs Membership)

post2 “2 years ago, I was looking for a well-rounded, fun workout & other gyms weren’t a good fit. I either worked alone on machines or participated in crowded classes without personal attention. Kickboxing looked fun, so I visited several places. After visiting F3, seeing the class variety taught by experienced fighters who pay attention to each individual’s progress, I fell in love with the classes and people in this gym. At F3 is everyone is treated like family. As a senior, I don’t get up & down very quickly, so we modified those exercises for me. At my age, I focus on how healthy I feel. When I leave class, I feel strong! I can walk up a step ladder without fear of falling; I can lift and move heavy items. Above all, I feel empowered to explore activities I would never thought I could.”
– Laurie Treible (Fit-to-Fight Membership, Massage Therapy)

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