Fitness Fight Factory Reviews

Fitness Fight Factory Kevin G.

It's a great place, equipment is well maintained, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend.

Kevin G.

Fitness Fight Factory Vicki W.

When my chiropractor suggested Fitness Fight Factory for me to lose weight, get in shape and work out some stress I didn’t know what to expect. But I have been going to F3 for a couple weeks now and I loved it the minute I walked in the door. The instructors are beyond awesome, they help you learn proper form and technique. They make exercise fun and challenging. Everyone is so friendly and they make you feel like family. From strength and conditioning classes to kickboxing and MMA they have it all and if they can make me want to go everyday and already showing results they can help you too. To the best instructors ever check out Brian, Evan, Derick, Wes, Kashil and Johnny.

Vicki W.

Fitness Fight Factory Kashiff S.

Such a phenomenal facility! Love the atmosphere and vibes here! Highly recommend you to come in. 

Kashiff S.

Fitness Fight Factory Just L.

Great atmosphere and very kid friendly. I was a little intimidated since I'm not a boxer but the guys Brian, Evan, and Kash make the experience easy to transition. They are really passionate and you can tell they love what they do. My son also takes the Jiu Jitsu class and I can tell he's feeling a lot more confident. Thanks FF3!

Just L.

Fitness Fight Factory Christopher P.

Compared to my training environment at my last "I won't name names" facility I have to say I love this place but more so I love the people. Jonny and Evan were absolutely professional and really seem to care how my training is going. The workout is exactly what you make it. Scale it down to baby an injury or try and keep up. I walked out my first time and knew I was coming back. The price is well worth it for all the one on one and training opportunities. Stop in and give it a try.

Christopher P.

Fitness Fight Factory Bill E.

Thank you, Johnny and Evan, for taking time away from your families. Regina and I are so Blessed to have great people like you teaching our grandson. Fitness Fight Factory is not just a gym. It is a family. Thanks again.

Bill E.

Fitness Fight Factory Scott R.

The Coaches at F3 are Awesome! I enrolled my 6yr old daughter in the jiu jitsu program and I am ecstatic at how well Coach Evans and Bedford work with the kids and the different skill levels while communicating the techniques and demonstrating them so they understand. She is doing awesome in school, conduct, manners, and building her confidence. Great rates and facility. Wow! 

Scott R.

Fitness Fight Factory Tony M.

The strength and conditioning class here has been the perfect routine to add to my workout. Great for getting rid of that stubborn belly fat.
Kudos to all the staff for making you feel welcome at any stage of training!

Tony M.

Fitness Fight Factory Mandy W.

Love it! I go to the fitness classes. The instructors are professional and keep it fun. Awesome workout!

Mandy W.

Fitness Fight Factory Brandi H.

We love Fitness Fight Factory! The Coaches and staff welcomed my girl with huge open hearts and enthusiasm. She is in the kickboxing class and they got her comfortable with things right off. She has never felt out of place or left behind. She actually wishes the boys in class would hit her harder. And they are starting to take her seriously and do it! She looks forward to class each time and we hope she really takes to this sport and enjoys it for a while. (But kids change their minds often so we will see.)

Brandi H.

Fitness Fight Factory Katie P.

The workouts are intense, but fun and they really whip your butt into shape! The coaches/ instructors are very helpful!

Katie P.

Fitness Fight Factory Michael C.

This place is first class! I have been going to this gym for 4 months now and I have seen so much progress physically and the confidence that comes with the learning of martial arts has transferred to all aspects of my life. The guys at F3 are the real deal professional fighters that make you feel at home in a family oriented environment. This place is worth every penny!

Michael C.

Fitness Fight Factory Kaisa L.

My husband started training at this gym this year and it has really made an impact on our lives. The athletes/coaches are serious about what they do and if you don't live close by, it is still worth the drive. From serious mma training to a fitness kickboxing class, you are in good hands !

Kaisa L.

Fitness Fight Factory Harrison H.

Great instruction, super fun family friendly environment!!

Harrison H.

Fitness Fight Factory Chris A.

Kids from 5+ and Adults up to all ages, this is the place for you! The new schedule of classes is great and allows parents to work out the same time the kids are. The BJJ and Muay Thai for children is outstanding and the instructors are top notch. 

If you or your children want to learn a great art and a realistic way to defend yourself, come try F3 out. My family has been a part of the gym for over 2 years and we love it.

Chris A.

Fitness Fight Factory Margaret S.

Instructors are fantastic! This is NOT your typical aerobic kickboxing crap that you get at the big corporate gyms. If you want a real workout, learn how to fight, and don't mind sweating your butt off (literally), F3 is where you need to be.

Margaret S.

Fitness Fight Factory Benjamin B.

Great gym and the instructors are really good at adapting their training style to best work with whatever skill level might be in the class at the time. That way you can get a productive training session regardless if you are on your first day or are a pro level competitor.

Benjamin B.

Fitness Fight Factory Adriana C.

I love F3!! The instructors teaching boxing and kickboxing do an exceptional job on keeping you on your toes. You can expect a different workout every time you do a class at F3..

Adriana C.

Fitness Fight Factory Tonya S.

My kids love going to wrestling practice here. The coaches are so good with the kids. And they really make everyone feel welcome. They take the time to answer all questions.

Tonya S.

Fitness Fight Factory A. R.

They are military friendly and from what I see its a big family, you will leave with knowledge and confidence no doubt. Many fighting styles to learn from, even lower belts will help out new members.

A. R.

Fitness Fight Factory Greg U.

A true Gem. If you can train here I highly recommend. I have been involved in martial arts for 20+ years and F3 is as good as it gets. The fact that you are training with professional fighters would be like learning football from NFL coaches and players, but you are paying similar if not better than most martial art schools in the area. The Jiu Jitsu instructor is a gold medalist in the Pan American games and of course Johnny is an active competitor in the UFC. I could go on about the other professional fighters that teach there, but I'm sure you get how I feel about this very special place.

Very kid friendly and extremely versatile martial art style. Great place to learn at every skill level.

Greg U.

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