World Champion and Full Time Coach Johnny Bedford

World Champion and Full Time Coach Johnny Bedford

World Champion & Head Coach! Our leaders lead from the front! Coach Johnny Bedford has seen it all and is excited to help others find their champion mindset. 


Authenticity is what sets our program apart from others. All of our professional coaches are there to help you meet your goals. 


We are teaching more than just self defense we are teaching champion mindset so people can lead a champion’s life. 


It’s easy to be lured into a cheap martial arts program, but what you’re really signing up for could be a risky proposition. 


Experienced coaching is a critical component of learning martial arts, particularly because an unqualified  instructor may teach you made up or poor technique, leaving you vulnerable to injury. 


When you put safety first, seek out an experienced and qualified coach to help you learn martial arts correctly.


While It’s fun, empowering, and a great workout it is important for the instructor to accurately demonstrate proper technique in order for the practices to be safe. 


When learning martial arts, you need to be familiar with postural alignment, proper striking and grappling technique, balanced execution, and ways to avoid putting yourself in danger. 


At Fitness Fight Factory we are proud to say we offer world class instruction at every one of our programs. Our goal is to help build people stronger and empower our community. 


Come check us out and see why our Coaches and culture make us special at 


See you on the mats!

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