Discipline or motivation?

Discipline or motivation?

When you are trying to learn a new skill or create a new habit discipline tends to be a more effective than motivation. 


Motivation tends to be an ephemeral and unreliable source of energy to aid in accomplishing a goal - it comes and goes, and can be subject to outside forces. Discipline, on the other hand, ensures that regardless of how you are feeling or what is happening around you, you are taking consistently taking steps to reach your goal. 


It is the key to keeping your focus and the consistency to hone your skill and create the positive results that you set out to achieve. Without discipline, it can be difficult to keep your focus when obstacles arise and temptations present themselves.


Instead of relying on motivation alone, discipline can drive us to take consistent, strategic steps towards our goal. By honing in on our willpower and forming a plan, discipline allows us to work through any ups and downs that come along in the process. 


It encourages us to stay focused and organized even when our motivation starts to falter or waver. Discipline helps us to break down our goals into small, manageable tasks that need to be completed in order to reach our end-goal. It gives us the dedication to stick to our plan no matter what and ensure that the progress we make is sustainable.


Kids especially have to be taught the skill of discipline. It takes time, effort, and appropriate rewards. We encourage parents to set goals with their kids coaches, and strategies to make those goals and rewards obtainable. 


In conclusion, discipline is ultimately the key for staying motivated and reaching difficult goals. It gives us the strength and determination to work through any challenges that stand in our way! 


At Fitness Fight Factory we are a culture that is embracing discipline and strong choices. See you on the mats! 


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